In Inquiry this term, students have been learning about different disabilities such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, amputations, cerebral palsy, vision impairment and hearing impairment. They have been participating in a range of activities designed to help them understand the challenges that people with these disabilities may face and how they may overcome them.

Grade 3/4B Inquiry Project

Congratulations 3/4B on completing your wonderful Inquiry Project aimed at reducing waste in our school. Together as a class we documented the process in a Google Slideshow to show how we used the 6D’s to design and implement changes around the school. Our data shows we were able to reduce waste production by almost 20% (or 4.6kg) per day!

3/4B Inquiry Projects

We have some exciting things happening in 3/4B with our Inquiry projects! Our 4 groups have been hard at work organising different initiatives aimed at reducing waste in our school.
One group have created and laminated ‘Waste Warrior’ signs and badges. They will be going to speak to grades later this week about how they can help us with our cause by being ‘Waste Warriors’ in the classroom!
Another group are in the process of organising a whole school Nude Food Day for next Tuesday. They wrote an email to Ms V seeking permission and are now hard at work designing flyers and an article for the newsletter to promote the day.
A third group have created a Slideshow to inform other students about how to sort their waste into 3 different bins: rubbish, recycling and compost. They have resurrected the school compost bins and created clear signs to let people know what should go in each bin. They will be distributing these to classrooms later this week.
There is also a group who are acting out a ‘Waste Timeline’ at assembly this week. They have created their costumes using the items of waste they will be talking about. The presentation will inform the school community about how long it takes our waste to break down and why we need to work hard to reduce it! Assembly begins at 9am on Friday if you would like to attend.