Inquiry Immersion – Living in the future

Today we continued our Inquiry immersion by living 200 years in the future – in the year 2217. Students enjoyed having comfortable furniture, access to technology and a robotic teacher! Unfortunately, after recess we experienced an alternative future where fossil fuels ran out, landfills overflowed and global warming reached crisis point. Check out our photos!



Inquiry Immersion – Living in the past

Today students participated in an immersion experience to start our new Inquiry topic: Sustainability. We went back in time 200 years to before there was electricity, running water, computers and recycling. Students wrote on little blackboards or whiteboards for the day and learned the way that students did in 1817. Over the coming days we will be conducting similar immersions through other periods in time so that students can compare what impact humans have on the planet and what our future might look like depending on the actions we take now.



We finished up Term 1 learning about perimeter in Maths. Students used their knowledge to design a farm for Old McDonald which contained several animal enclosures with different perimeters. They showed great persistence when it got tricky to fit in the last few enclosures and came up with some interesting designs to make it work!

Photos from the Amazing Race

On Wednesday students in grades 3/4 took part in an Amazing Race! This put to the test everything they have learned during Inquiry this term including how to stay fit and healthy, working co-operatively with others and the services our community provides to maintain our wellbeing. It was a close race to the finish line with LIME team taking out the win!



In Grade 3/4A we have been learning about Mindfulness. We enjoy doing activities to help us relax, calm ourselves , de-stress and be peaceful. We like doing activities on the GoNoodle website  and also doing Meditation from the Smiling Minds website We also have puzzles and mindfulness mandalas for colouring, sensory relaxation bottles and we now also have a tent we can go into if we need some time out alone to calm down.

Food Sharing Inquiry Lesson

This week 3/4 students were working on taking responsible risks in our Inquiry unit. On Wednesday students took a responsible risk by trying a new food that each of them brought in to school to share with the class. Students were encouraged to try as many new foods as they could. We had all kinds of amazing foods come in to school from all kinds of cultures, and 3/4 students enjoyed trying something new. 


School Values

3/4 have been looking at our School Values; Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Resilience, and Honestly. After we visited the school values on display at the front of our school  3/4C made these Narre Warren North School Values chains, each colour represents a different value.  Students made their chains with the values placed in order, with the value that means the most to them personally placed first. We hung them on our window along with colored strips to represent each value so that we can be reminded every day of our school values.

Working Together

Students in Grade 34A worked in teams to create a balloon tower. They needed to communicate, listen, cooperate and show good teamwork to create the tallest balloon tower that they could using 8 balloons and some sticky tape. As you can see some teams were more successful in achieving their goals than others 🙂