Food Sharing Inquiry Lesson

This week 3/4 students were working on taking responsible risks in our Inquiry unit. On Wednesday students took a responsible risk by trying a new food that each of them brought in to school to share with the class. Students were encouraged to try as many new foods as they could. We had all kinds of amazing foods come in to school from all kinds of cultures, and 3/4 students enjoyed trying something new. 


School Values

3/4 have been looking at our School Values; Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Resilience, and Honestly. After we visited the school values on display at the front of our school  3/4C made these Narre Warren North School Values chains, each colour represents a different value.  Students made their chains with the values placed in order, with the value that means the most to them personally placed first. We hung them on our window along with colored strips to represent each value so that we can be reminded every day of our school values.

Working Together

Students in Grade 34A worked in teams to create a balloon tower. They needed to communicate, listen, cooperate and show good teamwork to create the tallest balloon tower that they could using 8 balloons and some sticky tape. As you can see some teams were more successful in achieving their goals than others 🙂

Visiting our local community

Today the students in Grades 3 and 4 went for a walk around the block in our local community to identify what services we could find.  At Marco’s IGA we saw there was a supermarket, a Post Office, a newsagency, a Bakery cafe and a delicatessen. On Our walk we also saw a playground and BMX track, a health centre, a community church, a tennis club, a kindergarten and our primary school.



Homework activities in Grade 3/4 are strongly encouraged. Students are expected to read every night and may complete a mixture of spelling and maths activities in addition to this. Attached are some suggestions to choose from (Grade 34 homework-2ck95cj). Students are not required to hand in work for correction, although they should make a note of which activities they have completed in their diary.

Words their Way

The Grade 3 & 4 students have started Spelling. We are using the Words their Way program again this year which helps students develop their letter pattern and sound awareness. Students will be bringing home their word sorts to use for homework activities. It is important that they remember to bring these back to school each day with their diary to use in class. If you are interested in reading more about the different spelling stages, and how you can assist your child at home, please see the attached information flyers (words their way flyers-18hzqt3).